Thy name is above all names, Ahura Mazda



Thy name is above all names, the most majestic and the most sublime. The sound of thy name is the sweetest that human ear can hear. Countless persons call thee simultaneously by thy name and thou dost hear them all and respond to them all at one and the same moment. Thou art the same one God, but men give thee many names, Ahura Mazda. Many a million time more is thy august name pronounced between morn and eve in the seven zones of the earth than any other name, human or divine.

When I am in low spirits and the sorrows of life bear heavily on me, the invocation of thy name cheers me and lightens the load of my sorrow. When danger threatens me and strikes terror in my heart, when trouble chases me on my pilgrimage through the thorny path of life and fear strikes me mute, the remembrance of thy holy name lends me courage to fight my way boldly to safety. My thoughts are filled with thy image and devotion surges up in my heart, when I meditate upon thy name, Ahura Mazda.

I shall wake in the dawn with thy name on my lips, I shall begin my day's work in thy name, and I shall glorify thy name by my deeds during the day. At night-fall I shall offer my thanksgiving prayer unto thee for all thy guidance and help in my working hours and retire to sleep with thy name on my lips. When I have run my course upon earth and my life is done, vouchsafe, Ahura Mazda, that I may sink into death with thy name on my lips.


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This page was last updated on Friday, February 11, 2005.