Thou dost bury me under the burden of thy gifts, Ahura Mazda



From day unto day will I lift my heart in thanksgiving unto thee when I take my daily meals, O Creator, Nourisher, and Sustainer of the world.

Thou dost feed me and clothe me and provide me with all my needs. Thou, my maker, knowest my wants and freely dost thou bestow them upon me every morn. Thou dost daily fill my life with the rich blessings that I enjoy. With the deep gratitude of my grateful heart I thank thee for all that thou doest for me.

From morn to eve dost thou bury me under the burden of a hundred and one of thy precious gifts that embellish my bodily life and I am satiated with them. Feed, likewise, my soul that hungers for the food of the spirit. Moisten my soul, dry as a parched land, that thirsts for the life-giving waters of thy divinity.

I have my daily bread and I have my health and I have everything that makes my life happy on earth. I have but one longing and one aspiration now and I pray unto thee to make me worthy of it. Verily my yearning is to gain the giver of the gifts himself for me, to get thee for myself, to make thee mine, mine own, O Mazda.


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