The Yazatas



Ahura Mazda. Behind a multitude of thy Yazatas, thou dost stand the Yazataman Yazata, the Most Worshipful One. These thy angels, holy and beneficent, mighty and glorious, work in the domain assigned to them by thee. Thou dost govern through their medium. Thou hast committed the superintendence of thy universe to them. They exercise providence over thy creation. They watch over us, they guide us. They help us in steering and saving the ship of life when it is tossed on the tempestuous sea and vicious waves lash it. They lead us to the straight paths when we grow remiss in the performance of our duties.

The Yazatas, Ahura Mazda, are indicative of thy goodness and wisdom and truth and righteousness and Justice and mercy and power and perfection and of all thy thoughts and ideas and ideals.

Thou hast endowed man with the ability and power to bring the ideals to fruition. It is thy supreme gift to man. Thou hast ordained that man can rise to the heights of the angels and can become an Yazata. Help me then in my efforts to realize thy ideals. May the ideals and virtues they represent dwell in me. As the rays of the sun woo the rose to open its petals, so may they arouse emulation in me and move my heart and inspire my life and unfold my soul to their inspiration and fire me with the burning desire to be good and do good and do it from the depth of a religious impulse, Ahura Mazda.


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