Life is thy greatest gift, Ahura Mazda



Unquenchable is the thirst for life. A myriad of men and women pray unto thee, Ahura Mazda, every moment for happy life and full life and joyful life and long life. Man loves life and he wishes to live a hundred lives and his will is not yet satisfied. An unconquerable urge to live a full and a useful life distinguishes man from animal. This inborn urge drives him to strive for what seems to be beyond his reach and stimulates human progress. It is good and great and glorious indeed to live, O Lord of life.

The longest of life upon earth is but a breath, it is true. But life, though short, has untold possibilities. Life is not fortuitous. It is designed and has a purpose. Let me take life in earnest and let me not while it away. Help me to understand life, that I may be able to live and live as it is thy will, O Ahura Mazda. Help me to throw myself actively and selflessly and strenuously into the thick of life for the furtherance of the world of righteousness and the decrease of the world of wickedness.

Giver of life and giver of the gifts of life, I thank thee for health and happiness and all that makes life livable on earth. None can raise me a memorial equal to the one that I can set up in my lifetime by my life devoted to the service of thee and thine upon earth. Help me so to live, my God, that when death extinguishes my life, I may yet live upon earth in my good thoughts and good words and good deeds when my soul dwells with thee in heaven.


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This page was last updated on Friday, February 11, 2005.