Let me not lack will, O Mazda



The man of character and the man of talents and the man of intellect accomplish great things in the world, but it is the man of resolute and indomitable and energetic will that towers above all and works wonders. He rouses peoples from their lethargy, acquaints them with their latent powers, radiates a hopeful and heroic spirit among the irresolute, inspires confidence in them, instills courage in the timid, and injects burning zeal in them to dare and do great deeds. Eagerly do they flock round his banner and follow him wheresoever he chooses to lead them.

Such a one of irrepressible will walks with an assured air of success in grappling with any difficulty that confronts him. His driving enthusiasm enables him to fight his way unscathed through all trials and tribulations. The unbounded faith in his own capacity emboldens him to move heaven and earth to accomplish with success what seems impossible to his neighbors. With confidence and courage, he successfully drives the world onward on its march.

Let me not be diffident and of wavering will, Ahura Mazda. Let my will be based on truth and rectitude. Let it be swayed by reason and selflessness. Let me cultivate my will-power and be of firm and inflexible will. Let me walk with self-confidence, erect with my head held high. Let me hold fast and look up and Push ahead to overcome hardships. Let me bravely sweep past all obstacles and pave my way to success. Give me strength and vigor and courage and firmness to work my will for the fulfillment of the mission of my life as thou hast willed, Ahura Mazda.


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