Forlorn is life without faith in thee, Ahura Mazda



Replenish and restore my faith when it grows dim and light, Ahura Mazda, for life loses its luster when it loses its faith. Life is resplendent and rich when the fire on the altar of faith is aflame in my heart.

Make me not wavering and weak in my faith in myself. Let my faith in human nature never be shaken, despite the disappointments and disillusions I court in my dealings with my fellowmen. And above all, let not my faith in thee falter and fail and die, for the death of my faith in thee is the death of the life of my spirit.

Faith rends the veil that hides thee from my sight and opens the heavenly gates for me. Bathed in the light of thy faith, my soul sees its way to thee and flies on the wings of faith to heaven, the highest of the high, Garonmana, where thou dost dwell in thy glory.

My religion rests on my faith in thee and I can pray unto thee when I have my faith in thee. Prayer is lifeless when I lose my faith in thee. In full faith, therefore, will I pray unto thee and with unswerving faith will I serve the days and nights that I live upon earth and faithfully will I commit myself into thy hands to do with me as thou thinkest best, Ahura Mazda.


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