I pray for forgiveness on my knees



Sin poisons the spring of my life. It hides the truth from me and deadens my heart to virtue. Sin is the death of my spirit. Let me daily die to sin. I abjure sin. I turn away from it. I forsake my sinful past. I foreswear it. I expiate my transgression with sincere resolve to redeem my sinful past by good deeds onward from now. I will fight and break and conquer my will to sin any more. My repentance has worked a change of my heart. It will produce amendment in my conduct. The fire of my sincere penitence will cleanse my heart of its impurity. Let my penitence sweep away sin from my heart even as a powerful wind sweeps over the plain and carries away everything with it. Let my sin be absolved, for I will amend my way and sin no more.

With bruised and broken heart, I seek thy forgiveness. Forgive my sins, for unbounded is thy mercy, thou that art all compassion and forgiveness, Ahura Mazda. Give me thy hand to help me out from the mire of sin into which I have slipped and sunk. Put me on the right track from where I have wandered away. Help me to repair the wrong, while yet there is time. Take me back to thee and restore me to thy fellowship. I cannot bear my life bereft of thee. I will not fast from food and emaciate my body, but I will fast indeed from sin and make my soul full of health, as taught by my Lord Zarathushtra.


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