War is mass insanity



Life is struggle. Thou, Ahura Mazda, has ordained that man shall always fight ignorance, destitution, disease and vice. Man, in his madness, fights man instead. Man is all men's brother, as woman is all women's sister. Yet every man is against his fellow-men and a neighbor gnashes his teeth on his neighbor. Man has organized the world on a war basis. Wars have been chronic in history and races have destroyed races. Predatory passion has masqueraded as patriotism. Man has sung to the military glory, has long regarded war as a tonic for peoples and, in his folly, considered it as a biological necessity. The weak have always lived in fear of the strong and the fear of the coming invader has always frozen the blood in the veins of the frightened weak.

War is the worst scourge that destroys men, money, and morals. Nations are periodically sacrificing the blood and treasure of their countries in war. When man precipitates war, he falls from his natural state. He relapses into barbarism. War turns him overnight to his primitive savagery. It debases his manhood. From the angel that he aspires to be in peace, he is on the downward path of becoming a demon. War makes him as pugnacious as a savage. He throws off all restraints that society puts upon him. Conventions that serve splendidly to regulate human affairs in times of peace, are torn up. Hideous savagery is exhibited in war and man's savage rage knows no bounds. Man fights with the fury and ferocity of wild beasts.

Man measures not man in modern warfare in strength and strategy. Valor fights not valor, machine fights man. War is the greatest crime man perpetrates against man. It is a great gamble in life and wealth of the nations of the world. It leaves empty beds in millions of houses. It empties the abodes of men that the graves may be filled. Angra Mainyu, the Evil Spirit, reaps his richest harvests on the battlefields. War withers the flower of nations. It upsets the equilibrium of sexes by eliminating males. It destroys the healthy and the strong among the male population and leaves the weak and crippled to propagate a nation of weaklings.

Flushed by victory, the arrogant victor imposes upon the vanquished an iniquitous and unrighteous peace of vengeance, which sows the seeds of a new war. Nations have turned the world into a cauldron of boiling and burning passions, rancorous racial hatred and jealousy, stirred and sharpened by distrust and suspicion that gnaw the vitals of mankind.

Lead the nations of the world to realize that war is an anachronism, Ahura Mazda. Let the wisdom of supplanting the principle of arbitrament of arms by that of the arbitrament of law seize the imagination of the rulers. Let them understand the advisability of resorting to negotiations to settle international disputes. Let all see the folly of holding the glamour and romance of war before the youths of the world. Let everybody see that modern war is ruinous to all and profitable to none. It is the war of universal extermination. International cooperation alone can save the world from disruption and ruin toward which it is rushing headlong.

Men have now ceased fighting over religion as they did in ancient times. May the day dawn soon over the world when nations may cease fighting over nationalism, political and economic.


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