The priceless boon of peace



Peace is what man prays for by day and by night. Peace he seeks for himself on earth during life and peace for his soul in heaven when dead. Life of avarice and envy destroys peace in this world, life of vice and sin in the next world.

Peace nurtures cultures and civilizations. All law and order and justice and prosperity and progress cease, when peace flees from the land.

Sad is the commentary on human affairs that, due to mutual distrust, suspicion, jealousy, peace is not possible unless nations keep themselves prepared for war. Peace turns out to be a respite to sharpen the sword and, aided by science, plan with diabolic ingenuity a war more deadly and destructive than ever before.

Man's hope of lasting peace between the nations of the world remains still but a pious sentiment, a dream. Lead men and women of all nations to live like brothers and sisters in amity. Lead the rulers of nations to establish the reign of fraternity and peace. May mutual understanding smite misunderstanding, may concord smite discord. May the new era of the brotherhood of man and the federation of the world dawn upon the earth and may lasting peace come unto the peoples of the world, is the universal prayer unto thee of the suffering humanity, Ahura Mazda.


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