The Spring



Mithra's daylight breaks across high Alburz and rends the veil of the bleak winter's night. The dark and cold night is dead and the morn has dawned upon the earth with light and warmth. The snow will now melt on the mountains and life-giving waters of the rivers and brooks will flow. Everything everywhere is green where all was gray but yesterday. The sweet, smiling Spring, the season's youngest and fairest and best, is born. We greet her with welcome song and joyful heart.

The icy silence of the frosty winter is broken and the fields and forests are alive with the buzzing sound of new life. The storm and strife of winter have ended and cheer and peace have come. Foliage and flower are springing up where all was dreary and dry. The sleeping buds and bushes are awake and seeds and plants are rising. Blades of tender grass and green sprouts and opening buds spring to birth and the earth dens the garment of green. The earth is strewn with fragrant flowers of gay and glowing colors and the trees are arrayed with blooming boughs and blossoms. The branches are clothed with leaves and loaded with luscious fruits. The fields that were bare are waving with rich harvests of golden grain. The orchards and vineyard are crowned with fruit-bearing trees that bend under the burden of bounteous fruits. The farmer grows fodder and food in abundance for beasts and birds and men. The shepherd leads his flocks to pastures green, where grass does wave in gladsome glee.

The hills and vales and dales are ringing with joy and the birds fill the air with vernal melodies. Come, ye worshippers of Mazda, let us sing our song of praise to the Lord of Spring in grateful strain.

May the dawning of the spring give us bodily vigor and awake in us zeal and fervor for our daily duties, may it shed light of knowledge and wisdom upon our minds, may it flood our hearts with the warmth of righteousness, and may it bring life sublime to our spirits, O Ahura Mazda.


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