Life glides on the joyous wings of Hope



Thou hast ingrained hope in the human breast, Ahura Mazda. Life is livable as long as there is a flicker of hope. Man hopes as long as he breathes. Hope lives with life and dies with death.

Man always hopes. If reality of life fails to give him hope, desperately does he cling to anything, even illusion, if happy illusion lends him hope, for life without hope is a living death.

Hope is fruitful and creative. Hope is an asset upon which we can draw. It is our potential health and wealth and happiness and everything which we have not but hope to have. Hope is something in hand, it is possession in the making. When nothing we have, we have hope at least, O Lord.

Hope gives generously and freely. In our poverty it points to wealth, in our sickness it shows us coming

health, in our sorrow it whispers of joy awaiting us, in our darkness it speaks to us of the dawning light. Hope enables us to endure the hardships of life with courage and contentment. It emboldens us to encounter difficulties and overcome obstacles. Hope sustains and stimulates, comforts and cheers, encourages and inspires us. It engenders in us patience and perseverance.

Let us then hope, and hope wisely. Let not our hopes be disproportionately high, lest the frustration of extravagant hopes and the foundering of wild dreams drive us to despair.

When hope leaves our breasts and fades away, we are chilled to the heart and despair fills our souls. Despair is blank and barren and bankrupt. It is an end, devoid of any future. A beacon of thy hope alone can lighten the gloom of our despair, O merciful God.

Let us not mourn over the sorrows of yesterday, forgetful of the joys that tomorrow has in store for us. Let us not gloat over the dead yesterday of despair, when tomorrow is dawning with tidings full of hope.

Thou, Ahura Mazda, art hope itself. Thy religion is based on hope, Zarathushtra gives us thy message of Hope--hope in the ultimate triumph of good over evil and hope in the destruction of the Kingdom of Wickedness and the coming of thy Kingdom of Righteousness.

A divine destiny awaits us. We will not abandon our hope, nor let it die within us. Our hearts will harbor undying hope, O thou Giver and Sustainer of hope.


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