Bless our king, Ahura Mazda



Thou, Ahura Mazda, art the sovereign lord of thy creation. Every head bows and every knee bends, upon earth and in heaven at the mention of thy name, O King of Kings.

Vouchsafe that our gracious king may trustfully place himself under thy guidance and, with the help of his wise councilors and able administrators, rule over his vast subjects with equity and justice.

Help him to bear the burden of the troubles and anxieties of his people. Strengthen him to work for the protection of the poor and the needy and the wronged. Inspire him to live the life of loving service for the weal and welfare of his subjects.

May our king be glorious as Jamshid and good as Faridun and great as Darius and just as Noshirvan.

Lay thy hands, O King Divine, on the head of our noble king in blessing. Give him health and vigor of body and alertness of mind and nobility of heart and a happy life and an illustrious life and a long life. Amen.


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