Let thy love shine upon me, Ahura Mazda



Look unto me, my loving Lord. Incline thy face unto me. Thy joy fills me. Thou art my hope, my comfort, my peace, my all. My heart knows no rest until it reposes in thee. My mind is in accord with thy mind, my heart is in tune with thy heart. When thou to me art calling, I will hear thy sweet voice that whispers in my ear and follow thee that I and thee may go our ways together. Thou hast planted love in my heart, that I may love thee with my whole being and my whole heart. My life is wrapped up in thee and in thy protecting love. Inflame my heart by thy love and kindle it with thy burning love for me.

Let thy grace surround me. Let me find the divine in me and let me love it all life long. Let the flame of thy love ever burn bright in my heart and never be quenched. I fear nothing so much as the loss of thy love. Tasteless and joyless are the sweets of life without thy love.

Dark is the soul that loves not. Love is light. Thou art love, for thou art light. May the softening influence of love be all around me. Let me love thee and let me love thine. Let me give my love to others and let me pour out my love all around. If man loved his fellow men half so well as thou dost love mankind, O God of Love, this world were paradise.

I honour thee with my lips, I embrace thee with my heart. I love thee with my spirit. I long to see thy eyes turned on me, to hear thy voice fall on my ears. I will fix my affections on thee. My heart aches for thee. I long for the favour and glow of thy love.

Barren as the desert becomes my heart, when the fertilizing waters of thy love cease to flow and the fount of my heart gets dry. Let the waters of the fountain of thy love flow in my heart. Let me drink the life-giving water from the fount of thy love and quench the thirst of my soul.

One minute of thy vision is worth all years of life. I will wear my heart away, that I can have thy beatific vision and live in thy loving presence. With love will I steadfastly cleave unto thee all the days of my life and make these mine, mine very own, O Mazda Ahura.


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