Nothing do I need when I have thee, Ahura Mazda



I address myself to thee, Ahura Mazda, to whom all worship is due. With outstretched arms and open mind and my whole heart, I greet thee in spirit. I will not turn my gaze from thee. My eyes and my ears and my mind and my heart are all lifted up to thee. Lift up thy countenance upon me and make thy face to shine upon me. Thy look sets my soul aflame. I set thy radiant face before me and a gleam of sunshine steals into the darkness of my heart, even as the light of the sun chases away the darkness and gloom of the night. Thy image is engraven in my breast. I give my all to thee. I give myself to thee, both body and soul, wholly and completely, as Zarathushtra did.

My heart speaks of thee. My heart yearns for thee with a yearning, which is never stilled. Nothing in the world can satisfy my hunger and thirst for thee. Thou art the one that can assuage it by becoming mine, my most precious possession, greater and grander, lovelier and dearer by far than the life of my body and the life of my spirit. My joy is in thee, my refuge is in thee, my peace is in thee. Whatever befalls and betides me, I will never leave thee. Let me live before thee and with thee and in thy sight, I humbly pray to thee.

All my life is built round thee. There is nothing to live for, if thou dost leave me. It is life for me, when I gain thee. It is death for me, when I lose thee. Of what avail are the treasures of the world, when thou art lost to me. In spite of my rank and power, I feel wretched when my heart cannot cling to thee. Empty is my house and empty is my heart without thee. When thou art gone the wide world seems empty. Alone and lonely I roam. Abide with me then, O thou God of gods, by day and by night, in life and in death.

First and last my hope is set in thee. Thou art the goodness of the good and wisdom of the wise. Thou art the anchor of rest to my weary soul. Help me to cast my anchor in thy secure haven and I am saved. When thou dost descend into my soul, joy fills my whole being my eyes glow, I look radiant as the sun, my life takes on a brilliant colour and I am at peace with the world. Truth shines on my mind and righteousness burns in my breast, when thou dost dwell in my heart. Thou art all and I am thine. Thou art all and when thou art mine, all is mine, Ahura Mazda.


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