Draw me ever and anon nearer thee, Ahura Mazda



My beloved prophet Zarathushtra has said, Ahura Mazda, that those who seek thee with pure mind and pure heart, find thee. I long for thee and with purity of mind and purity of heart I now come seeking thee. I will concentrate my thoughts upon thee. Let me find thee and I will be ever thine, thy steward, thy servant, thy soldier to fight for the Kingdom of Righteousness.

By day and by night will I strive to come nearer unto thee. Help me to be drawn nearer unto thee. Let nothing separate me from thee. Let me not live apart from thee. Thou dost lovingly abide in me. Let me then faithfully abide in thee. The sense of thy nearness cheers me, the assurance of thy presence strengthens me. It is well with me, when I am thine and thou art mine. I will not belong to thee in part. I will be wholly thine. May thou be all mine and may I be all thine in life and in death, always and ever thine.

I have enough, more than enough, when I have thee for me. I find everything in thee. In thee I have all that my heart can wish. With thee anything is everything. Health and wealth and happiness and name and fame are nothing without thee. With thee I have all these and more. I need nothing, when thou art mine. With thee as mine, the whole world is mine.

Thou Lord, my God, dost not pride in keeping thyself aloof and distant in thy awful majesty. Zarathushtra saw thee and spoke to thee and greeted thee and so can I. Fill my heart with thy presence, that it may bring the bright gleam of sunshine to me. Let thy Armaiti fill the cup of her devotion for my soul to drink deep, that drunk with nectar, I may be drawn nearer unto thee, Ahura Mazda.


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