I will live for thee, Ahura Mazda,
all the days of my life



My life is an infinitesimal part of the life which embraces all time, and all space. Yet thou dost always lovingly keep me by thy side secure under thy sheltering care. Thou dost not forsake me, even, when forgetful of thy innumerable favors, I forsake thee and fall away from thee. My friends and kins may give me up, but thou dost never. When all in the world fail me, thou never dost fail me. Safe am I always in thy arms. Thou dost always do thy part towards me, even though I neglect to do mine towards thee.

Thou art the knower of all. Not a leaf falls, but thou knowest it. Thou tellest the number of trees and the leaves upon the trees. Thou knowest the number of the molecules of sand upon earth and thou countest the number of stars overhead. Thou knowest me better than I know myself. Help me then from day unto day, if it but be a little better to know thee and understand thee and comprehend thee. Help me with my whole mind and whole heart and whole soul to think of thee and nothing but thee and to be but a moment with thee, that I can realize thee.

Everything that my eyes light upon reveals thy glory. Thy name is written in the human heart. I will glorify thy name. I will magnify thy name. I will engrave thy name on the tablet of my mind; I will carve thy name on the panel of my heart; that night and day, thy name may remind me of thee; I will brood on thy name. A hundred times will I repeat thy name in my life and rest not until I realize the true nature of thy divinity.

I will do what pleaseth thee. I will do what thou wouldst have me do. Thou art ever eager to make thy will known to me, if I but listened to thee. I will do thy will. I will not let my will run counter to thine. I will make my will run parallel to thine. I will obey thee in word and deed. I will come withersoever thou dost call me. Say what thou willeth and command what thou willeth and I will obey thee. For everything that thou willeth, works for my good.

I will dedicate my body and mind and heart and soul unto thee. My life and my body and my soul and everything I call mine are thine. They belong to thee and thee alone. I dedicate them all to thee. I lay them at thy feet. Cheerfully and voluntarily will I offer myself up to thee. To thy care and keeping will I commit myself.

Zarathushtra lived unto thee and died unto thee. So will I, most gracious God.


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