Zarathushtra is thy mirror, in whom
we see thee, Ahura Mazda



Zarathushtra alone of all mortals, sayest thou Ahura Mazda, first knew thee as thou art and heard thy words and brought the glad tidings of hope to the troubled world. He came with Asha's Righteousness writ upon his banner and sounded the trumpet and with the clarion call commanded all to don their armor to fight wickedness.

Alarmed at the advent of the prophet of the Good Spirit, the Evil Spirit, tempted Ahura Mazda's chosen one. Nothing beneath the sky could tempt Zarathushtra. He fought temptation and conquered it. With burning indignation, deep earnestness and transparent sympathy, he fired the spirit of his hearers and kindled fiery enthusiasm in their hearts to fight evil. Aflame with the fire of Asha, he proclaimed the Mazda-worshipping religion to our fathers.

Zarathushtra lived the perfect life upon earth to be an example for all. He spoke as man had never spoken. He spoke with Ahura Mazda's voice holy words of wondrous wisdom. He gave himself to all. He befriended outcasts and beggars abandoned by society. He grieved for the griefs not his own. He sorrowed for the sorrows of others. He saved those on the verge of being lost. He worked for the redemption of mankind.

Zarathushtra exhibited joyous and hopeful enthusiasm. He radiated happiness all around. His presence breathed ineffable kindness. His soft and persuasive eloquence touched the soft chords of his hearers. They honored him, loved him and adored him. They threw themselves at his feet. They worshipped his very shadow. They believed that his touch transmitted to them the divine grace.

Zarathushtra loved Ahura Mazda with unfailing devotion. He symbolized perfect manhood in his person. He has died not in death. He lives for ever, the everlasting beacon light of hope to mankind on the Path of Righteousness. He is ever-young and his message is ever new. He is Ahura Mazda's glory of all time.

I will strive to live the life of Zarathushtra, who mirrored Ahura Mazda's image in his holy person. From day unto day will I endeavor to be more and more conformed to his likeness. Faithfully and devoutly will I tread in his footsteps, that I may be influenced by his consummate life, be a worthy heir of his sublime inheritance and have a vestige of his in me.

Leaning on Zarathushtra in life, will I rest in Zarathushtra in death. True unto Zarathushtra in life, true unto Zarathushtra will I be in death. Like-minded with Zarathushtra will I be. A Zoroastrian life will I live and a Zoroastrian death will I die, Ahura Mazda.


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