Let not my faith in thee be feeble and faint, Ahura Mazda



Faith is belief in the unseen and unknown. The fabric of religion lives by faith. Faith is the foundation of prayer, as belief is the foundation of religion. Faith beholds light in darkness. Faith soars above time and space. Faith knows no bounds. Faith soars unscaled heights and dives into unfathomable depths.

Faith does not rear its abode on the rock of reason. It is born of intuition. The stars of faith and reason seldom shine together on mental horizon. Faith sees and hears more than reason does. Reason leaves a vacuum in the life of the spirit and chills. Faith warms the heart with hope. Faith is passive, patient and calm. Reason is active, alert and restless.

Faith believes, ventures and accomplishes. Men have moved the world with indomitable faith and blazed their paths to success. Faith gives men zest to do their duty. It inspires them to work with passionate zeal. It gives them steadfast courage to fight heroically against obstacles. It inspires them not to slack their will, till they win their objective and enthuses them to stake their lives in the struggle to fulfil their mission in life.

Superstition clouds reasons and it abdicates. Faith does then sink into credulity. Fancy wings its flight in the realm of imagination and imagination scales the heights of fairy land. Fantasies born of overwrought imagination are taken as spiritual visions. Myths and fables win belief. Vague theories are valued higher than hard realities. Credulous faith degenerates into morbid mysticism and mysticism in its downward trend degenerates into charlatanism of table-rapping, spirit conjuring and spiritualistic seances.

When doubt does assail me, lead me, Ahura Mazda, on the proper path to resume research, that inquiry may end in certainty. Guide me through the wilderness of doubt and disbelief. Let not destructive doubt corrode and kill the life of the spirit in me. When disturbing doubt threatens my faith in thee, let me repose on thy bosom.

Let my eyes of faith penetrate and rend the vicious veil that hides thy face from my eyes of flesh. Faith enables me to understand thee and see thee and commune with thee and live with thee. Let me not lose my faith in thee. Feed my faith. It is my faithlessness that comes between me and thee. When tumult and tempest rage in my mind and in my heart, faith in thee helps me to find the path of peace. Faith in thee supports me, when I am overcome by the weariness of the world. Unshakable is my trust stayed on thee. I trust myself in thy hands. I confide in thee.

I implant my feet firm on the rock of faith. Give me faith to endure whatsoever may betide me. Let nothing shake my faith in human nature. Help me to know myself and have faith in myself. With determined will and unflinching faith, will I hope in thee and believe in thee and trust in thee and cling to thee, that the flame of faith in thee kindled by Zarathushtra in my heart may ever burn bright, Ahura Mazda.


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