Man is man, for he has freedom of will



Ahura Mazda's two primeval Spirits made their own choice of Good and Evil. The Holy Spirit chose Righteousness. Not so the Evil Spirit. He chose Wickedness. The Yazatas are free and the Amesha Spentas are free. They fall not from their creator. Ahura Mazda has honored man the most by conferring upon him Freedom of Will. This paramount gift of God to man puts him in the rank of angels.

Ahura Mazda has created man free to think as he wills, speak as he wills and do as he wills. He has left it in man's power to choose right or wrong. Man would not be man without freedom to do evil. Man's goodness gains in grace, for he is endowed with the Freedom of Will to do evil. With man comes morality in this world. Freedom of Will is the foundation of human morals. Inconceivable is morality without it. Virtue and vice owe their existence to man's Free Will. What would they be if man's Freedom of Will were not? Man is a free agent. He chooses right or wrong of his own volition. His is the choice and his is the responsibility. He is the builder of his destiny, master of his fortune, good or bad.

Thou, my Creator, hast made me master of my will. It is my will that makes my thoughts and words and deeds good or evil. My will shapes and dictates my actions in life. Its command in my inner world is complete. My will is the absolute sovereign in the kingdom of my life upon earth. If it rules: "Let it be so." Then it is so. There is none, neither nature, nor Providence to countermand it. So hast thou ordained in thy sublime wisdom.

My beloved prophet Zarathushtra has taught me what I ought to think and speak and do that is best for my welfare in this life and the next, but has left me free to think and speak and do as I like. The choice and decision are mine and mine alone.

If then, Ahura Mazda, I make thy never-erring will the norm of my will and if I conform my will to thy will, it is because I will it so. It is my reasoned and deliberate choice. It is in me to conform my will to thine and I do it so willingly. I make thy will mine, because such is my will. Peace and joy fill my heart when, of my own accord I suffer thy will to work in me. Freely, then, will I blend my will with thine. Of my own free will, will I walk the world in thy way and not in my way, that I may be happy now and for ever, O Thou ever and anon my own.


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