We pray for unity, communal, national and international



All men and women are members of one human species, one common stock, one family. The indissoluble bond of common humanity unites them all. They are children of one common father. Brothers and sisters are they all and are interdependent in life. What is good for anyone is good for everyone. They prosper and they progress, when they trust one another and behave with one another with brotherly and sisterly love.

Life is full of trials and tribulations and unity gives them all strength to cope with them. It brings harmony and peace within their country and gives them security against outside aggression. Common interest and common hopes, common aspirations and common destiny lead them all to combine and co-operate with one another. United by the bond of mutual trust, minds confer with minds and hearts work with hearts and they reap happiness.

When dissension in their ranks divide them and petty strifes keep them asunder, they are weakened and they suffer. Bitter enmities, mean jealousies and rancorous hatred gnaw their vitals. Everyone is up against everyone else.

The peoples of the world live upon a volcano. Strong, rapacious nations crush weak nations. Armed with the deadly weapons of modern science, war has now become the most dreadful and diabolical in all history. In vain does the lasting peace hover above the distracted world. It finds not a place to land. May everything that is discordant and leads to the chronic disturbance of peace among peoples perish, we pray.

Thou dost love all. Thou hast commanded that we should love one another as thou dost, that we may be one with one another and with thee, our lord. Thou hast poured thy love in every human heart that men and women may mutually love one another and live as brothers and sisters, bound by the indestructible bond of unity. Help us all to work for communal and national and international unity that transcends all divisions and breaks all barriers of caste and colour and creed. We long for the dawning of the day when man shall take man to his heart and woman shall take woman to her heart and walk on earth as brothers and sisters, united in thee, Ahura Mazda, thou Father of all mankind.


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