Courage makes me man, Ahura Mazda



Timid and wavering, hesitating and vacillating is the man without courage. He succumbs to the weakness of too ready subservience. He broods over his difficulties and his courage flinches, when the storms of life break upon his head. His knees smite one another, his heart begins to thump and stand still with fear, his body shakes like a reed, his hairs stand upon his head, his tongue cleaves to the roof of his mouth, he stammers and stutters and he cannot speak. Without courage he gropes in darkness in life.

Courage begets strength by struggle with hardships. Courage grows from fighting danger and over coming obstacles. When our ancestors came to this country to live a life anew amid unknown surroundings, they showed courage that bended not to misfortune. They looked danger in the face and fought it bravely and undauntedly. They showed courage in the face of odds. They steeled their courage and courage lighted their path of life in the new land. They held nothing impossible of achievement before their unbounded self-confidence and courage. They had a love of adventure and enterprise in their very bones. They dared and did marvelous deeds and with courage they pressed onward. With grit and resolute will, they forged their way ahead and thou, Ahura Mazda, their guide and guardian, didst lead them up the ascents of progress.

Let not the jolts and jostles of life unnerve me. When I feel my world slipping away under my feet, help me not to rebut and retrace my steps. Let me not give up and lie down, but let me strive and struggle and fight with courage as becomes man. Let not my spirit fail me. Let me show a courageous defiance to hardships and let me triumph against them.

Help me to realize the limitless latent possibilities that lie within me. Enable me to keep an unperturbed mind in the midst of trials and tribulations. Give me courage to compose myself to mental calm. With the serene strength of the spirit within me, let me scale courageously the top of the mountain or go down the dangerous steep to win my prize of life.

Give me the wisdom, O Wise Lord, to know the truth and give me the courage to stand by the truth, unfettered and undeterred by fear. Give me courage of my convictions. Let me not lack courage to speak what is true and to do what is right. Give me the courage to speak my mind unequivocally. Give me the courage to say Yes, when I know myself to be in the right. Give me the courage to say No in face of unpopularity staring at me. Give me moral courage to face obloquy. Let come what may, give me courage to say my say, when I am in the right, Ahura Mazda.


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