Let me not forget thee when fortune smiles on me, Ahura Mazda



Thou, Ahura Mazda, didst desire me to follow thee faithfully. But forgetfulness fell upon me and I failed thee. The stately swan arches his neck with majestic pride. Drunk with the pride of my prosperity and sitting in the lap of luxury, I fluttered from pleasure to pleasure, basking in the joys of frivolous life, and sported away my days. In my folly, I forgot that, even with his fortune, man was not self-sufficient. With thee, man is everything. Without thee he is nothing. Leaning upon thee, he stands. Leaving thee, he falls. I left thee and I fell.

I brought evil upon myself. Unforeseen misfortune overtook me. I began to feel distrust of myself. My mind became ill at ease with itself. My heart was sore with sorrow. I staggered and I stumbled like a blind man. Life began to hang heavily on my hand. Adversity now drove me to my knees. Bowed down by fear, I fled unto thee and thou, my merciful Lord, didst take me under thy protecting wings. Thou didst take me by the hand and raise me when I had fallen.

The sanctuary of my heart, meanwhile, had fallen into ruin. Thou didst help me to repair it. Enthroned once again in my penitent heart thou didst make thyself known to me and knowing thee, I knew and understood thy kinship with me. I resigned myself into thy hands to do me as it seemed most meet to thee. Thou didst help me to retrieve my past. A sense of peace and joy now fills me. I thank thee out of my grateful heart.

Let me not forget thee in times of happiness and turn to thee only in the day of trouble, when I am in deep distress. Let me always look to thee and come to thee. Let me not be unworthy of thy bounty and thy kindness. Thou art ever the hope of the hopeless the comfort of the comfortless, the help of the helpless, thou, that art all to all at all times, Ahura Mazda.


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