Hvarekhshaeta, the sun, is the King of the day



Marvelous and endless is thy Universe, Creator divine. There are worlds besides our world and suns besides our glorious sun. Every one of the distant suns is larger than our sun, and has planetary bodies revolving round it in their fixed orbits.

From above the mountain Hara Berezaiti rises the imperishable, radiant, swift-horsed sun. The sun darts his light and rends the dark veil of night. The rising sun dispels the fog and dissolves the mists. The fiery streaks of the sun flush upon the earth. Nature dens resplendent robe when the bright sun rises in august majesty and appears before the world in his fiery garment. The sun dispenses his light over the seven zones of the earth.

The sun's warmth animates and enlivens. The sun floods and bathes the earth with his golden light. His infinite rays stream downward upon the earth. The sun gives light to the world and kisses the plants and trees into life. Towns and villages are all ablaze with the shining sun and men and women are out for industry and enterprise and adventure all the livelong day to create culture and civilization.

The sun shines upon the good and evil, fair and ugly, pure and impure, clean and filthy, and his all-purifying light cleanses all. The light of the sun scorches and burns all filth and stench and defiling and decaying matter.

When the sun has run his daily course marked out for him, feeble grows the sunshine and the last rays fade into twilight. The glow of the setting sun crimsons the sky in the west and, at sundown, the glorious sun sinks into the sea or hides behind the horizon.

Let me sit in the warm sunlight and bask in the sunshine and drink in the sunshine. All creation turns with joy to the light of the sun. Child of light am I. Thou my Maker art the Light of Lights. The resplendent light of thy countenance cheers me. Illumine my mind and inflame my heart with the light of thy sun. Give me a sunny temperament.

Thou hast made thy sun the lord of light upon the earth. He is the maker of seasons and sovereign of time. He is the King of the Day. In him do I see thee and greet thee, for he, visible sun, is the resplendent image of thee that art invisible, Ahura Mazda.


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