Give me insatiable avidity for learning, Ahura Mazda



Give me the will to know and the will to learn, Ahura Mazda. Let me be alearning all my life. Let me be a life-long student. Let me study as an ardent and not as a dilettante. Let me always be looking for information and instruction from anywhere and everywhere. Spare me from conflicting passions, but let one single intellectual passion to know and to learn always drive me in life. Let me revel in intellectual pleasures.

At rare intervals are born some men who are touched by the magic wand of genius. These gifted thinkers leave their priceless legacies to posterity. Ours is the matchless heritage of knowledge gained and garnered by the sages of the past. The past is dead, but not before inscribing its achievements upon our minds, which we cannot and will not wipe clean. Its creative thought is ever with us to give us mental exaltation.

Literature endures when the triumphs of marble and bronze perish. It is the greatest intellectual stimulant. No pleasure is as great and noble as that of reading. It exerts inspiring influence over my mind. Books inform and instruct and elevate and amuse and soothe and cheer. They are the priceless repositories of knowledge. With books as my companions, I greet the sages of all ages and hold intercourse with the best brains of all times and places. I make myself contemporary with them and hold converse with them.

Let me not read amiss. Let me read with purpose. Let me read what is worth reading. Let me read to exercise my mind and to keep it fresh and healthy. Let me read and let me reflect on what I read and let me make it mine. Let not books think for me. Let me think for myself. Let my reading replenish my intellect and elevate my mind. Let it fill my mind with great thoughts and lofty ideals and noble aspirations.

Help me to gain a thorough mastery over the language in which I write. Give me lucidity of thought and clarity of expression. Let me write with the pen of an inspired one. Help me to create and help me to produce works of knowledge that may live and live long, Ahura Mazda.


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