Let wisdom lead me in life



No price can count the worth of wisdom. It is more precious than diamonds. Name and fame, health and wealth can be bought. Wisdom alone has patiently to be sought. Wisdom's vision is clear and serene. Wisdom is sublime.

Wisdom has foresight and forethought and foreknowledge. Nothing escapes the vigilant eyes of wisdom. Seeing with spying eyes and hearing with prying ears and with the gaping curiosity of a sightseer, wisdom inspects and infers, reflects and philosophizes, weighs and discerns, compares and contrasts, accepts and rejects, from what knowledge has gathered and garnered. Wisdom is the discerning exercise of knowledge. Neither deep learning, nor profound knowledge is wisdom. Judicious use of knowledge makes for wisdom.

Vohu Manah symbolizes Ahura Mazda's wisdom and goodness. These twin virtues of Vohu Manah make man perfect. Let my thoughts turn where Vohu Manah's wisdom abides, that I may be both wise and good.

If I am not gifted with Vohu Manah's innate wisdom, help me Ahura Mazda, to shine with my acquired wisdom. Let wisdom be my constant companion and guide. Help me to use my knowledge with discretion and common sense. Let Vohu Manah's wisdom lead me to see the issues before me with a clear and cool mind. Let me not be carried away by the enthusiasm of the moment. Let me think and think deeply and work out the details of the plan before I leap into action. Let not the pride of my knowledge intoxicate me. Let me court wisdom's humility. Let wisdom which is the knowledge of true life, rule and regulate my life. Let wisdom guide me to see things as thou seest them, O thou Most Wise Mazda Ahura.


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