May thy divine glory dart its radiant rays on our community, Ahura Mazda



When the sons and daughters of Airyanavaeja migrated southwards and settled on the plateau of Iran, the Aryan Glory, mounted high on the lofty heights of Alburz was the wonder of the world. Then when they established their sovereignty, the Kingly Glory clave unto their Kings.

The Pishdad and the Kianian, the Achaemenian and the Sasanian empires rose and fell in succession. The kings of these mighty empires wore the resplendent robes of the Kingly Glory. It was the shining symbol of the greatness and power of the Persian Empire. It filled Iran with riches, spiritual and temporal. It shone bright and lighted the path of the progress of the Iranians. Their fame passed from mouth to mouth for generations. It was glory then to be known as an Iranian, a Persian.

The bravest fail and the mightiest fall. The great and glorious Zoroastrian Persian Empire fell and the Kingly Glory fled with eagle wings. The empire is dead, the visible signs and symbols of the Kingly Glory lie in ruins or buried in the dust. But glorious deeds die not. Deathless is Glory. It lives.

The Glory clave unto the early Parsi settlers in this, their new land of all hope. It guided and guarded, protected and preserved our fugitive fathers. With patience and perseverance and endurance and industry and enterprise, they passed through privations and hardships and obstacles and trials and tribulations, and paved their way to prosperity. Undauntedly they climbed the steep tower of Glory and wore the Glory of our Iranian ancestors. Their illustrious names are recorded in illuminated characters in the pages of Parsi history. The great are dead and gone, but the Glory sits for ever on their names.

May there be born, O Thou possessed of Divine Glory, good and great men and women in our small community in all the coming epochs in its life, who may live through their undying deeds of glory. May they live for the community and work for the community that the community may live as long as time lasts, crowned with the laurels of deathless Glory.


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