Bless me, Ahura Mazda, with Thy beatific vision



Thou alone, Ahura Mazda, dost know me as I really am. Help me, then to know myself and understand myself, that I may learn to recognize thee and realize thee. The passionate longing of my soul is to greet thee. Thou hast become the supremest object of my desire. Love for thee has taken possession of my heart. I long to attain unto thee. With whole of my mind and whole of my heart, I think of thee and nothing but thee.

When I think of thee and meditate upon thee, the thought of seeing thee and being with thee surges in upon me. I long to come to thee and in the fullness of time, I hope, by thy grace, to come to thee. But in abundance of thy love for me, thou didst thyself come down to me. When I did approach thee one step, thou didst approach me ten steps.

So gracious art thou, that thou dost embrace me as thy equal, thy bosom friend. Thou dost give thyself to me. Now, therefore, do I know thee as never before I knew thee.

From now onward will I deny myself that I may live for thee. I will die to myself that I may live in thee. I will live in thy conscious presence and be thine for ever, Ahura Mazda.


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