Let thy peace ever reign in my heart, Ahura Mazda



The beauties of nature around me make me forget the nervous tension of the busy, work-a-day world. They make me think of thee and when I think of thee my heart warms to thee. It is aglow with devotion for thee. Thy divine peace descends upon me from on high.

Life is no bed of roses. Weary is the path of my life. Storm is raging in my bosom. Terrible is the struggle going on in my inner world. My heart quails, my soul sinks. Disquiet fills my mind. Sorely am I tired in spirit. In my melancholy mood, my heart cries out to thee. I lay before thee all my fears and sorrows. I will lay bare my inmost soul before thee. What is my life without thee? Draw me closer to thyself. In my sore distress come to me, my Divine Savior, and lend me thy shelter. My soul finds no peace till it reposes on thee. With thy peace with me, I am happy.

Thou dost exalt him, whom hard times have trodden under foot. Thou dost take him to thyself who finds not a place in this wide world to lay his head. Thou dost sorrow with the sorrowing and suffering, with a heart of true compassion. When they see thee coming to their help, thy sight fills them with peace.

Thou didst breathe the breath of life into me. In my ignorance I knew it not that I and thou wert one. Thou didst help me to know myself that in the end I may know thee. Forlorn and friendless, at my wit's end, I felt I was nothing. Then didst thou fill me with new hope, and encouragement and enthusiasm that I can be something. The marvelous change that thou hast wrought within me has made a new man of me. I yearn to make my peace with thee.

Thou dost speak through my mind words of eternal wisdom. Thou dost sing out of my heart songs of divine peace. Let me listen to thy voice and let me live my life of inner peace. Lay thy biasing upon me. When thou dost shed thy peace in my heart and when my conscience is at peace, I am at peace with all about me, nay with all the wide world. Trustfully in peace, will I repose in thy embrace, Ahura Mazda.


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