When I have thee, I have everything, Ahura Mazda



I pray not for paradise, for I am already in paradise, when I am with thee. Thou art my happiness-present and future. I pray not for thy paradise. I pray for thee. When I feel at one with thee, it is enough for me. I have no other longing. One am I with thee. I and thou art one. I am not other than thee.

When I turn my face to the sun in yonder heaven or look at the fire on the altar, it is only because I see thee in the sun and in the fire. My heartfelt prayer brings me into closer communion with thee and affirms my oneness with thee. With thee in prayer, I see and apprehend goodness and truth and righteousness.

My heart becomes desolate when thou dost leave it. All aflame does it glow with the longing to be one with thee. In my pious moments, I see it filled with thy image. I live my real life when, with all my being, I enter into thy life. Thou art not remote from me. Thou art ever near me. Never am I alone, for thou art with me and within me. Thy divine life throbs in my being.

I seek fellowship with thee. I will not let thee remain inexpressible and incomprehensible. I will comprehend thee. I will commune with thee. I will hear thee. I will see thee. I will absorb thy knowledge into my being. I will approach thee. I will realize thee. I will be one with thee. I will give up myself to gain thee for me.

As the ivy twines its tendrils about the oak, so will I cling round thee all my life. Whatever betide, I shall always be by thy side and with thee abide, Ahura Mazda.


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