Boundless is thy bounty, Ahura Mazda



Unbounded is thy abundance, O Bountiful Lord. Thou art never tired giving from it. Many million hearts cry out to thee daily to give them what the world gives them not and thou, in thy mercy, dost help them to their share of thy bounty.

We rise hungry in the morning. Thou dost not suffer us sleep hungry at night. Thou dost never say nay when we lift our hearts to thee and pray for anything. Unasked dost thou supply us in abundance with things we need most. Thou dost heed our wants. None is known to go with empty hands from thy door. Thou dost flood us day and night with the fullness of thy bounties.

Unbounded is thy munificence. It outruns our capacity to receive. None there is that passeth thee in thy benevolence, O thou of bountiful heart. Thou art he who dost give and give freely and give always and ever. Thou dost give us what thou deemest best for us. Thou dost fill our cups to overflowing. So bountifully does thou deal with us, that thou dost give us all that we had to have and more.

Countless are the blessings that thou has bestowed upon us. What blessings now remain that thou hast not showered upon us. Hundreds, yea, thousands of thy blessings day and night, with fond heart dost thou shower upon us from on high.

Our language fails us to give adequate expression to our feelings of gratitude. We owe thee a debt, which we can never liquidate. We bow our heads and bend our knees under the burden of thy endless blessings, Ahura Mazda.


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