It is my own fault, if I know not thee,
Ahura Mazda



Seven or nine heavens, vaulting one above another, they say, is Garonmana, thy celestial Abode of Songs. From there dost thou come down to thy worshippers in all thy grandeur, when they supplicate thee and invoke thee. But, in all humility, I feel and know thy nearness. Thy throne is not in supernal regions, higher above than the highest mountain upon the earth. Verily, it is in the human heart. Thou art not external to the world. Thou art not beyond reach. With purity of mind and Purity of heart, man can know thee and see thee and apprehend thee.

When I know thee, I know myself better. When I understand thee, I understand myself better. Rapt in contemplation of thee, with devotion I will approach thee. I will hold converse with thee. I will let thy holy words sink deep into my heart. Out of the fullness of my heart, I will speak to thee. I will lose myself in thee, that I may gain thee. Lovingly, I will commend my soul into thy hands, O thou Supremest Soul.

As I wake in the morning, my first thought will always be thine. As I sleep at night, my last thought will always be thine. All during may waking hours, I will live in thy presence and live for thee. I will let my thoughts be inspired by thee, my words be dictated to thee and my deeds be guided by thee. Thou dost demand from me deeds and not mere words. I will lay the offerings of my good deeds at thy feet.

I will think thy thoughts and speak thy words and do thy deeds all day long. I will strive to know thee and live up to my knowledge of thee. May I be worthy to win thy grace. May I be happy to touch the hem of thy divine garments. I will open my heart to drink at the fountain of thy holy spring. Inspire me, thy devotee, with thy holiness. Then, am I blest for ever, Ahura Mazda.


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