Let my faith in thee stand firmer than ever,
Ahura Mazda



I believe, because I cannot help believing. Let me doubt with inquiring spirit, what I cannot honestly believe. Let me believe whole-heartedly, what I cannot sincerely doubt. Thou dost pull me out safe, when I am in danger of drowning myself in the deep sea of doubt.

Belief in thee gives meaning to existence, lends colour to life. When I have faith in thee, I have all the riches of the world. Few, then, are my wants. Happy I am with what little that life gives me. Nothing do I need beyond the barest necessities. Thou dost inspire me with contentment, which is a feeling to see everything in nothing.

Unwavering and unfaltering is my faith in thee. Let it never be shaken. Unswerving faith in thy goodness gives me peace of mind and peace of heart. It matters little what I believe and what I say, but it matters much what I am. Man is an angel in embryo, a god in the making. Faith in thee inspires me to tread the path of thy angels. Faith in thee is a matter of course with me. I lean on the crutch of faith. Thou hast but to command and I am ready with a cheerful heart to follow thee and live with thee in faith, Ahura Mazda.


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