I will follow the path blazed by Zarathushtra



Zarathushtra best reveals thee, Ahura Mazda, to mankind. One of mind with Amesha Spentas, the Archangels, he spoke with the tongue of the Amesha Spentas. He was beloved of both men and angels. His sublime life became an unfailing source of solace and comfort of all. His heart beat in sympathy with the throbs of the aching hearts of all. He was the sublime benefactor of mankind.

Zarathushtra exemplifies in his noble life truth in its purest effulgence. His good thoughts, good words and good deeds bore the stamp of divinity. Though he was the greatest among mortals around him, humbly did he hold himself less than the least of all.

Fortified in God the Father, he laughed at all vicissitudes of life. In my helplessness and hopelessness, will I clutch hold of Zarathushtra and make him my guide on life's weary way.

Willingly will I let my heart respond to the call of Zarathushtra to walk on the Path of Righteousness on which he walked and which the good men and women of all ages have trodden in his footsteps. Willingly will I follow his steps and tread the path he trod, for by no other path, Ahura Mazda, can I come to thee and greet thee.

I will make Zarathushtra the basis of my life, the pole star of my life. I will make him my spiritual guide. I will make him my shining light that will enable me to see thee, Ahura Mazda, by the light with which he saw thee.

My one supreme, innermost desire in life is to keep his bright, inspiring image ever before my mind's eye. May Zarathushtra, my beloved prophet, ever live in my heart and Pride me and lead me to thee is my fervent prayer, Ahura Mazda.


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