Let me mould and shape my life in
Zarathushtra's likeness



Thou, the Creator, has never left mankind without religion. Thy sages and seers have, through their wisdom and holiness, evolved religions. Then hast thou sent from time to time thy prophets as founders of their respective religions. Thou, Ahura Mazda, didst single out Zarathushtra from among mankind to be thy first messenger, in point of time at the grey dawn of history to found his religion upon the earth. Ever blessed be he that he came from thee to show us the path of life.

Zarathustra loved mankind; more than he loved himself. He made the happiness of others dearer to him than his own. Encumbered with cares and anxieties, forsaken and deserted and persecuted, he did not give himself to fits of despondency, nor did he let melancholy seize him, nor did he let his loneliness weigh down his spirit, but with indomitable courage in face of misfortunes, he fought and promulgated thy faith all his life and ultimately met with cruel death for us at the hands of those that were seeingly blind and hearingly deaf.

Let me overcome life's buffetings as my beloved prophet did. Let me not sink into despair. Let me don the armour of righteousness and fight wickedness that it may never have dominion over me. I will serve Zarathushtra in righteousness all the days of my life. So will I live my life according to the teachings and guidance of Zarathushtra that when in old age, I look back upon the years that are spent, I may not be disappointed with my life. I will fill my mind with his wisdom and my heart with his love.

I will be generous and genial to all about me as Zarathushtra was in his life. I will give as much of myself to him as I could give to none. I will let his thought completely possess me. I will make his religion part of my very being. I will consecrate myself to his life. I will endeavour, Ahura Mazda, to become more and more like Zarathushtra every day.


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