Let thy light illumine my mind, Ahura Mazda



When twilight merges into darkness, when the light of the sun is buried in the bosom of night, I see not. I see only in light. Thou alone that art light thyself, dost see eve through the thickest darkness. Thou dost fill my soul with sunshine, when all around darkness shadows my path. Where can I turn for light in my dark hour, but to thee. Darkness flees before thy word, for thy words are light. Thy word is the religion that thy holy torchbearer, Zarathushtra, gave me. Let the radiance of the light of his religion that fails not, illumine the path of my life.

Enchanting is the smile of the spring. It charms away the memory of cold and fog. Dark is my flesh and I cannot see thee with my eyes of flesh. When thy light shines on me, I see thee with my soul in my eyes. Let thy light sublime flow from above and suffuse my soul. Bathed in thy celestial light, I see thee, wheresoever I turn.

The light of the countenance shines upon me. There is sunshine in my heart. Ever will I keep the light bright that thou hast kindled in my heart. It fills my whole being with thy splendour. Devoutly will I give this light to those who grope in darkness. It will enable them to see thy light and walk by it. Girt with the armour of light, I will fight mental and moral darkness all around.

Thou, yea, thou alone, art light. Thou, invisible, dost become visible to me in the light. My soul, ever yearning to greet thee, now greets thee in thy light that radiates around me, Ahura Mazda.


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