Let my good thoughts regulate my words and deeds,
Ahura Mazda



Neither mountains separate me from thee, nor oceans keep me far from thee. My own evil thoughts keep me aloof from thee. The evil thoughts that emanate from the depths tempt me. Help me to force Akoman's evil thoughts to sleep, the sleep of death. I will not let my evil thoughts hide thee, Ahura Mazda, from my sight. I will not let my evil words veil thee from my mind. I will not let my evil deeds screen thee from my heart.

I will wake at dawn with Vohuman's good thoughts. I will plant the seeds of goodness in the garden of my mind and cultivate it and water it and weed it, until they grow into fragrant thoughts. As the wind of Vayu stirs the trees, so will I make Vohuman's thoughts stir my soul. I will invoke Vohuman to put good thoughts into my mind. I will think Vohuman's good thoughts. I will live Vohuman's good thoughts in every fiber of my being. I will let Vohuman's good thoughts find expression in my words and deeds.

As thy loyal subject, O King of Kings, faithfully and dutifully will I lay at thy feet my yearly tribute of good thoughts and good words and good deeds.


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