When I pray aright, thou dost answer my prayers,
Ahura Mazda



With the ascending bright flames of the sacred fire on the altar, my prayers rise upward and ascend unto Garonmana, the Abode of Song, the celestial residence of thee, Ahura Mazda and thy angels and archangels and the Fravashis of the righteous dead. Thou dost come down from the highest heaven to listen to the songs of devotion of thy devotee dwelling upon the earth.

Thou art a spirit and I will pray unto thee in spirit. Thou dost dwell in my heart and in the temple of my heart will I pray to thee. In prayer, with sincerity, will I open out my heart to thee with all its longings and hopes and fears. I will consecrate my mind on thee, I will surrender my will to thee, I will dedicate my heart to thee. I yearn for the peace of my soul.

I will not pray to thee with my lips, when my heart is far from thee. I will not recite my Yashts, hymns, chapter by chapter, with parrot-like, flawless accuracy. My heart will always be wedded to my words. With affection and love my soul will go out to thee, when I pray.

My head shall bow and knee shall bend and with purity of mind and purity of heart, will I make my prayer unto thee. The uplifted hands with which I pray unto thee will ever be free from the taint of deeds that are not pleasing to thee.

I will glorify thee with the songs of praise. Prayer brings to me confidence and courage, hope and strength. When I pray unto thee in the citadel of my soul, thou dost hear my prayer and fulfil my heart's desire and satisfy my soul's longing. Hearken unto my prayer, I humbly beseech thee, Ahura Mazda.


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