Let the light of Asha's Righteousness shine in my heart



The fabric of life with its warp and wool is woven upon the loom of righteousness. I will don the robe of righteousness and girt myself with the girdle of righteousness that I can fight wickedness like heroes.

Let me never, in my frailty, turn from the Path of Righteousness and go astray. I will not let righteousness be ever estranged from me. I will not think a thought, speak a word and do a deed that savored in the least of unrighteousness. I will not corrupt my mind by the company of those who abandon themselves to wickedness. I will not let unrighteousness get mastery over me. I will never live for the gratification of my senses only. The senses of my body of clay veil thee, Ahura Mazda, from my sight, as the clouds veil the sun. Righteous living rends the veil and reveals thy face to me. When I walk on the Path of Wickedness, I am dead to thee. Help me to retrace my steps and return to the Path of Righteousness, that I may be reborn to thee and live as thine.

I will clothe myself in the garment of righteousness. Righteousness is not a commodity that could be bought for a price in the market. On the twin wings of Vohuman's knowledge and Armaiti's devotion, will I wing my flight on the Path of Righteousness to reach the abode of my Heavenly Father on high.

Righteousness will be the ideal I will set before myself in life and will always try to live up to it and attain it. Straight is the Path of Righteousness. Neither will I turn to right nor left, but onward will I tread the straight path. I will control the totality of my life from youth to old age by Asha's law of righteousness. Righteousness is the one path that leads my soul to eternal felicity. In righteousness, Ahura Mazda, will I knit together my soul with thine.


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