Nature mirrors thy face for us, Ahura Mazda



Nature has endowed the world with multifarious beauties all around. The delights and beauties of nature enliven the imagination and elevate the soul. Let me go outdoor and walk and run and roam and exercise my limbs and take fresh air. Nature is the reservoir of health. Let me drink its elixir. One draught of nature's elixir is better than a dozen doses of any other drink.

Beautiful are the golden bars of the brilliant sun that fall upon the earth. Nature seems beautiful in the glow of the sunset. When the sun goes down, the stillness falls on the land. None can paint in brilliant hues as nature does with matchless skill at sunset.

Great is the bounty of the mother earth. It feeds us and clothes us and provides us profusely with our bodily needs. The earth nourishes our body during life and shelters us when dead.

It is pleasant to sit under a mango tree and to breathe and drink the fresh and fragrant air or hear the wind now stirring the branches. The soft breeze of Vayu's wind sing sweet lullabies and nature sinks into sleep, to sleep the deep of the night. Faintly does the wind moan through the trees and round the hills and dies away to stillness.

It is refreshing to hear the soothing murmurs of the bubbling brook, the flow of a prattling brook, the murmur and ripple of the brook or the splash of the waters of the fountain.

Soothing is the sight of the ocean caressing the sandy shore or the gulls rocking smoothly on the waves of the blue expanse of water. The sea swells and surges. The waves break into foam on the beach. Each succeeding wave swells the rising tide higher and higher. It is amusing to see a mighty wave coming with pride and arrogance, threatening to engulf us, when all of a sudden it loses its strength, breaks at our feet and retreats in haste to hide its shame. Sorrowing and sighing, murmuring and moaning the ebbing waters depart.

Let me not be blind to the marvels of nature. When nature smiles softly around me and speaks and sings to me, let me enjoy it like the birds that sing and beat their wings for joy. I can never be alone with nature speaking to me.

Whole nature is saturated with the divine life of the creator. All nature is aglow with his presence. Thou, Ahura Mazda, dost clothe thyself in the resplendent garment of nature. Thou art reflected in thy creation. I find thee in the stars and the moon and the sun and the earth and trees and the waters and all around me. I greet thee in all universe, thou, who dost reveal thyself in thy nature and are glorified in thy nature.


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