Let not my outlook on life be darkened, Ahura Mazda



Life is not all spring-time. It is fiery summer and freezing winter and fading autumn too. Corroding are the cares and anxieties of life. Crooked are the ways of life. Often does life offer me the cup of bitterness to drink. Great is the agony with which my spirit has to wrestle. Unbreakable is the pain of the inner struggle in life that closes around me as the darkness of the night. Save me, my Lord, from its deepest gloom that falls upon me like a curtain.

Give me courage to endure, my Sustainer, what cannot be cured. Help me to fight against odds. Let me bravely bear in life the beatings and buffetings of the world. Embolden me to face and fight the prosaic hardships that life imposes upon me. Help me to brave the life's worst, that comes to me.

Let not despondency overshadow me. Let me not be a defeatist at heart. Let me not be a victim to self-distrust. Let me not lose heart about myself. Let me not underestimate myself. Let me not suffer from inferiority complex. Let me not despairingly delve deeply in the dark mysteries in which life is bounded. Let me not seek an escape from life. Let me not sink into retreat in the cloister of my inner world. Save me, my Kindly Lord, from the dangers of the morbid and musing temperament.

Zarathushtra consoles me with his soothing counsel that sorrows and sufferings, trials and tribulations are often the great disciplinarians that lead me to the springs of spiritual enlightenment. Adversity forces me to think of thee, my Heavenly Father. It brings me closer to thee. It compels me to seek comfort in thee. It works as an incentive to fathom the deep realities of life. Prosperity, on the other hand, often widens the distance between me and thee. It divides me from thee.

I will not, then, let my mind be distracted by the stress of my life. I shall be firm as a rock and nothing shall shake me. The world may not be all I should like, yet I will make the best of all that I can. I will elbow my way through life's rugged path and swim ashore the stream of life, under thy ever vigilant guidance, Ahura Mazda.


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