I will live my life with open eyes and ears, Ahura Mazda



Primitive man came to the world he knew not why. He lived in this world he knew not why. He went from the world he knew not where. Sages and seers of all ages have addressed themselves to solve the problem of life.

Help me, thou All-knowing One, to answer the questions for myself, why have I come to this world and for what purpose? What does my life mean and what is its mission? What purpose does my existence in this vast world serve? What is my beginning and what is my end?

Life is an incessant inquiry into the why and wherefore of existence. Let me map out my life. Let me think my plan of life and let me not think only of today, but for tomorrow too. Let me not look to what is transient as permanent, what is illusive as real. Let me not, in my delusion, hang my heart upon it. Let me learn to know myself better day by day.

Let me not better the substance for shadow. Let me not, like the dog, drop the bone to grasp its shadow. Let me not delude myself. Mysteries, I know, lie around the life of man. Let me not, however, seek refuge in a visionary world to flee from the hard facts and harsh realities of life. Let me look facts resolutely in the face.

The pupil of my eye sees the world, it fails to see itself. I know that I am what I am, and not what I am reputed to be. Thou alone dost know me just as I am. Help me to unfold my latent life. Help me to realize the potencies of perfection with which Providence has endowed me. Help me to discover and show forth the good and great qualities that lie latent within me.

Let me devise ways and means of life for myself. Let me be in touch with life. Let me see and understand life, that I may do my best according to my rights to live my life wisely and nobly. Let me impose a stern training upon myself. Let me be thorough in all my doings.

Every day will I endeavor to grow mentally and spiritually, just as I grow in body. I will let nothing strangle my inner growth. Life is tranquil, when intellect and emotion are at harmony. I will labor to win such a serene state of equipoise and rest not till I am blessed with the serene enjoyment of life. I will always hunger and thirst after betterment. All throughout my life will I look beyond what I am in life and strive, under thy inspiring guidance, to be greater and nobler, Ahura Mazda.


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