Help me to make my mark in life, Ahura Mazda



Let me take the world as it comes to me and make the most of my life, no matter in what condition of life, thou, my Creator, has called me. There are more good things of life in the world than my eyes can feast on. Life gives me more than I give to life. Let me be happy even when a tythe of the hopes and ambitions and aspirations of my life are fulfilled. Let disappointment and dejections never dog my footsteps, when everything seems to slip out from my hands. Let me not waver and vacillate. Let not my will falter. Give me a hopeful and cheerful and enthusiastic attitude towards life.

Let me not be a burden upon any one in life. Let me, by honest and hard work, make a place for myself in the world. Give me the gift, O thou Supreme Giver, of creating opportunities to progress in life and teach me how to make use of them when I have got them. Let the longing for advancement dawn within me. Let enterprise fire my mind to make the best of my life and to work for the betterment of my fellowmen.

Undaunted let me march breast forward. Let me face and fight the difficulties that come in my way. Let me be a hero in the battlefield of life and never a coward. When I am possessed by a strong urge to accomplish something great, help me to work hard and strive to satisfy my yearning.

I will assimilate Zarathushtra's teachings into my conduct. I will rouse myself early from sleep and wake at dawn. Man has the divinity within him and he can elevate himself to the highest height of moral greatness, says my beloved prophet. Strenuously will I strive to aspire towards the ideal and to approach it as nearly as possible. With all resolve of my mind and all the zeal of my heart, will I compass land and sea to achieve my object, as did my worthy forefathers of long ago. Agile of mind and fleet of feet, whether I go barefoot or shed, will I scale the heights until my life's task is done.

Life is full of worth and beauty, says the prophet of Ahura Mazda. I will ever be all life, alert and active. I will ever do with all my will and all my might whatever good my hands find to do. I will work while there is yet day, for the night of my life may overtake me at any moment all unaware. All the days of my life, will I be strenuously doing something for the betterment of the world, as is the will of the Lord. Faithfully will I do my life's duty this side of the grave, that it may not be said after me that my life has been lived in vain.


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