Let us be all the world to one another



From the time that the journey of his life begins, man likes not to be lonely in life. Crushing is the burden of solitude. Heavy is the load of life, if all alone he has to bear it. It weighs down man's spirit. Often does the firmament overcast and the clouds gather over his head and dreary darkness falls upon him and weariness of spirit takes possession of him.

Man is ever in search of some one who sustains him in his direst straits. He finds courage and comfort in living together with his kith and kin. When they live in unison, they become stronger and better able to go through rough times. Light becomes the burden and easy the yoke of life. Then does life take a brilliant colour. Many together find safety to sail the sea of life in one and the same boat.

Teach us all to bear with one another and live in concord. Teach us to exercise forbearance and forgiveness towards one another. Let us share with our neighbors their joys and sorrows. Let us not be wholly filled with self-love. Let us learn to love one another. Let us all learn to live in brotherly love.

Let us not covet our neighbor's good. Let us aim at their hearts and win them by our goodwill for them. Let us not seek success in the failure of others. Let us comfort and console the sorrowing and suffering with the kiss of human kindness. Let our hearts go out to others in their misfortunes.

Let us realize that we are all interdependent. Let us behave with one another in mutual trust and in common brotherhood. Trust begets trust. Let us all so to live as our lives are for thy children, who are our brethren. Guide us to serve our brethren and love our brethren for thou, Ahura Mazda, art in them all.


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