Orthodoxy courts purelities of dogmatic theology,
casuistry and irrational formalism



All communities are hydra-headed. They have their orthodox and their reformers, fanatics and sober-minded persons, visionaries and men of commonsense, mystics and rationalists, hypocrites and sincere persons.

The orthodox see not the absurdity of remaining in bondage to the customs of the infant humanity, when it was in swaddling clothes. They are wedded to the beliefs and practices, good and bad, that have come down to them through a long past and whose origin lies buried on obscurity. Blindly do they believe on the dogmas of the bygone days of their primitive ancestors. Stubbornly do they refuse to deliver themselves from the yoke of bigotry fostered by priestcraft.

The mere mention of reform acts upon them like a red rag on a bull. They are daggers drawn over the controversy with the reformers. They indulge in hair-splitting purelities. Charlatanism thrives on credulity and superstition.

Save me, my Savior, from bigoted narrowness and sectarian exclusiveness. Let me not take the form for the substance. Let me not live according to the letter of religion, but according to its spirits. Let me see that it is wrong to assert fanatically that whatever is, is right. Let me wisely see that there is much that is wrong and it has to be righted. Let me always unswervingly aim at accuracy and truth in my research work.

Let me always strive to be just to those with whom I differ. Let me put myself in the place of those who differ from me and know and understand their views that I may be tolerant and forgiving in my dealings with them. Above all, let me always remember that abuse is neither argument nor logic.

Zarathushtra, the wisest priest of my religion, does not forcibly exact implicit, mechanical obedience from me to his teachings. He does not impose his prophetic yoke on my thought, but leaves me freedom of thought to exercise my will freely.

May the breath of Vohu Manah, Good Mind, blow the mists of superstition and credulity that generate orthodoxy, from my mind and illumine it with the gleams of the sunshine of needful reform. May he, the premier archangel of Ahura Mazda, so guide me that I may not be impervious to the light of the new age. May he prevent me from blindly holding to the old order of the dead past. May he inspire me to move with the times.


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