Help me to conquer sin, Ahura Mazda



I have sinned unwillingly. I have not sinned on purpose, O thou great Forgiver. I have sinned through human frailty. Through want of firmness, I faltered and fell. Look, my Lord, with pity and forgiveness on my soul. Angra Mainyu, the Evil Spirit, cast deafness upon my mind and blindness upon my heart and I heard thee not and saw thee not and sinned.

Sin, I will remember, is the transgression of thy will. I will not now do violence to thy will. I will conform to thy will.

Strengthen me to loosen the bonds of sin that bind me. I will cleanse my heart from vicious passions. I will wash my soul clean from all sin with the penitent tears of my heart. I will purify my mind from the stain of sin.

I will purge my mind of evil thoughts and my heart, of evil passions. I will not minister to vicious thoughts and sensual passions. I will not let them tarnish and darken my soul. I resolve that I will not fail to keep my undertaking not to fall back into sin for which I am now penitent. Thou hast created me fully equipped and armed against temptation to sin. With undaunted courage will I fight the will to sin and conquer sin with thy help, Ahura Mazda.


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