In the Footsteps of our Forefathers

Producer's  Notes:



Our trip involved a lot of sacrifice and danger. We were primarily all Americans traveling to a country where not too long ago Americans were equated with "The Great Satan."  As women in a fundamentalist, Islamic country all of us had to wear a long, black, trench-coat-like dress, called "Hejaab", at all times, even in 100 degree weather. Our hair had to be covered with scarves and most importantly we had to discard all notions of being strong, independent or even remotely feminist. I, being a journalist, saw this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to do a documentary on our trip. I do not speak "Farsi", I did not have a cameraperson till I arrived in Tehran, I was not sure if I would be allowed to bring my tapes out of the country…All I knew was that I was going to give it my all - and try to make it happen. This documentary captures our story, as we trace the roots of our religion. It is told primarily through my eyes but draws heavily from four to six of my fellow pilgrims.



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