Homage Unto Ahura Mazda

Dastur Dr. M. N. Dhalla
M.A, Ph.D. (Columbia), USA

Table of Contents

Part II (a)


  1. Let thy love shine upon me, Ahura Mazda
  2. Nothing do I need, when I have thee, Ahura Mazda
  3. Draw me ever and anon nearer thee, Ahura Mazda
  4. Desolate hearts, aweary of the world, seek refuge in thee, Ahura Mazda
  5. I will live for thee, Ahura Mazda, all the days of my life
  6. Zarathushtra is thy mirror, in whom we see thee Ahura Mazda
  7. My Navjot makes me a Mazda-worshipping Zoroastrian
  8. Conventional religion loses its pristine purity
  9. Let not my faith in thee be feeble and faint, Ahura Mazda
  10. Let me not pray by listless role
  11. Righteousness paves the path that lies between me and thee, Ahura Mazda
  12. Mazda's soldier am I to fight wickedness and to work for the Kingdom of Righteousness
  13. Let me not die with a sin on my soul, Ahura Mazda
  14. Man is man, for he has freedom of will
  15. Thou art the fountain of mercy, Ahura Mazda
  16. Endurance is the prime sustaining virtue
  17. Let not anger enslave me, Ahura Mazda
  18. We pray for unity, communal and national and international
  19. Fill me with thy light, Ahura Mazda
  20. Abject poverty rails against ostentatious riches
  21. Divine is ideal friendship
  22. Let me fight and live down my misfortunes
  23. Let me scatter the dark clouds of gloom and radiate cheer
  24. Courage makes me man, Ahura Mazda
  25. Let me not forget thee, when fortune smiles on me, Ahura Mazda
  26. Let me make a name for me in life
  27. The seeingly blind and the hearingly deaf
  28. Man's duty is to work for the perfection of the world
  29. Virtue is the health of the soul, as vice is its disease
  30. Give me strength, Ahura Mazda, to do my bit in life
  31. Healthy body, peaceful mind and joyful heart make for happiness
  32. Fate weaves not the web of events in man's life


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