Homage Unto Ahura Mazda

Dastur Dr. M. N. Dhalla
M.A, Ph.D. (Columbia), USA

Table of Contents

Part II (b)


  1. Music is devotional handmaid of religion
  2. I will love truth and live truth with a lifelong passion
  3. I will die to falsehood that I may live to truth
  4. Let me cultivate diligence
  5. Let me live my time aright
  6. Avarice is ever needy and ever greedy
  7. Worth and not birth imparts true nobility
  8. Merit makes man
  9. Gratitude is my sacred duty
  10. Let me turn jealousy, rooted in my heart, into healthy emulation
  11. Woman is the mother of human race
  12. Children are nearer heaven than we are
  13. Heavenly is the happy wedlock
  14. Mother nature kisses away my melancholy
  15. Nature teaches and nature inspires
  16. Seasons of nature and seasons of life
  17. Hvarekshaeta, the sun, is the King of the Day
  18. Maonghah, the moon, is the Queen of Night
  19. Strengthen me to fight Evil, Ahura Mazda
  20. Life is based on the law of polarity
  21. Blasphemous it is to term non-Zoroastrians as darvands
  22. Give me insatiable avidity for learning, Ahura Mazda
  23. It is given to man alone to accumulate knowledge
  24. Let wisdom lead me in life
  25. Let me nurture my mind with Vohu Manah's good thoughts
  26. Let me speak thy words, Ahura Mazda
  27. May thy divine glory dart its radiant rays on our community, Ahura Mazda
  28. Life is incomplete without death
  29. Let me live well, that I may die well
  30. Help me to die, when I cannot live
  31. My birthday is my most auspicious day
  32. Let us love our adopted motherland


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