Homage Unto Ahura Mazda

Dastur Dr. M. N. Dhalla
M.A, Ph.D. (Columbia), USA

Table of Contents

Part III (a)


  1. Bare thy face to me, I beseech Thee, Ahura Mazda
  2. Bless me, Ahura Mazda, with Thy beatific vision
  3. Thou art the friend of all mankind, Ahura Mazda
  4. Let thy peace ever reign in my heart, Ahura Mazda
  5. I will go thy way, Ahura Mazda
  6. Fully will I adjust my will to thy will, Ahura Mazda
  7. Great is thy justice, but greater still is thy Mercy, Ahura Mazda
  8. When I have thee, I have everything, Ahura Mazda
  9. Thou, Ahura Mazda, art my all
  10. Unite me to thyself by thy love, Ahura Mazda
  11. Let thy love possess my soul, Ahura Mazda
  12. Thou dost never fail me. Help me never to fail thee, Ahura Mazda
  13. I will give thee my very best-myself Ahura Mazda
  14. Boundless is thy bounty, Ahura Mazda
  15. In my sore need I come to thee, Ahura Mazda
  16. It is my own fault if I know not thee, Ahura Mazda
  17. Let my faith in thee stand firmer than ever, Ahura Mazda
  18. Through Zarathushtra didst thou speak, Ahura Mazda
  19. I will follow the path blazed by Zarathushtra
  20. Let me mould and shape my life in Zarathushtra's likeness
  21. Let me hearken to the promptings of my conscience
  22. Knowledge illumines my understanding
  23. I shall cultivate a passionate craving for knowledge
  24. Let thy light illumine my mind, Ahura Mazda
  25. Thou art the hope of the hopeless, Ahura Mazda
  26. Thy joy fills the world from end to end, Ahura Mazda
  27. Let my good thoughts regulate my words and deeds, Ahura Mazda


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