Homage Unto Ahura Mazda

Dastur Dr. M. N. Dhalla
M.A, Ph.D. (Columbia), USA

Table of Contents

Part III (b)


  1. When I pray aright, thou dost answer my prayers, Ahura Mazda
  2. Let the light of Ashah's Righteousness shine in my heart
  3. Put me thou on the track of truth, Ahura Mazda
  4. Nature mirrors thy face for us, Ahura Mazda
  5. Let not life ever lose its zest for me, Ahura Mazda
  6. Let not my outlook on life be darkened, Ahura Mazda
  7. I will live my life with open eyes and ears, Ahura Mazda
  8. Help me to make my mark in life, Ahura Mazda
  9. Let me be thy herald to the poor, Ahura Mazda
  10. A robust and virile race cannot be reared in the slums
  11. Let us be all the world to one another
  12. Let us be the harbingers of goodwill to all
  13. Let not power be the ruling passion of the nations
  14. Let me run to the relief of those sinking in the mire of misfortune
  15. Let me sacrifice myself at the altar of service
  16. I will elevate the spirit over the flesh, Ahura Mazda
  17. Let me hunger and thirst for goodness, Ahura Mazda
  18. Let us valiantly fight and vanquish evil
  19. I will not let the evil spirit have dominion over me
  20. Orthodoxy courts purelities of dogmatic theology, casuistry and irrational formalism
  21. Guide me to be free from bigotry, Ahura Mazda
  22. Let enthusiasm be the driving power of my youth
  23. Let me not while away my time, Ahura Mazda
  24. Help me to conquer sin, Ahura Mazda
  25. I will die unto sin, Ahura Mazda
  26. Death but brings me to my life's new birth in thy abode, Ahura Mazda
  27. Death knows no time, nor respects rank


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